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Why is the church spending billions of dollars on itself while children starve?  Jesus intended His church to carry on the ministry He began, but the church today is hiding in its pews, entangled in its own organizations, while Satan is winning the war in the streets.  It is time for the church, with  or without its current leaders, to challenge Satan in his strongholds by returning to its mission - helping the helpless, effecting rescues, and spreading the good news.


The church in America is off-focus.  Yes, there are exceptions, but for the most part, we have spent our money on ourselves rather than on the outsiders Jesus spent his time with.  We have built expensive buildings to meet in and have hired staff to preach to us, teach us, sing to us, perform for us, rehabilitate us, teach our kids, type our bulletins, and generally do the church's work on our behalf - so we don't have to.

Does this sound harsh?  It is not intended to.  I love the church.  I have met with her regularly for over seventy years and intend to until I die.  But it is because of my love for the church that I feel compelled to point out her challenges.  The church has been captured by a group of ideas and a way of looking at
the world that are contrary to the teachings (and contrary to the life) of Jesus - and to the ways of God.  "A Call to Arms: Out of the Pews and Into the Streets," is an attempt to point out those discrepancies and show individuals (you) what can be done about it. 

Our God is a God of rescue.  He dearly loves all the people of this world.  And He is a God of mercy and justice.  He strongly desires for everyone to be treated fairly, regardless of where they live, the nature of their beliefs, their gross annual income (be it $300 or $300 million), or their skin color.

 But here is the catch.  He is not going to impose justice on the world, just like He will not take care of the eternal salvation of all peoples by Himself.  God sent His Son as an example of a servant.

Jesus loved the unlovable.  The religious leaders criticized Him for hanging out with evil people.  Then Jesus commissioned the church to continue what He had begun (see Acts 1:1-5).  That is why the New Testament is so full of references to the church as the body of Christ and why it refers to us as God's ambassadors, His ministers, His army.

This world is not our home.  We are here on a mission, and when we are done with that mission God will call us home.  A part of that ministry is to bring justice and mercy to the world.  God expects His people not just to treat people as we would want to be treated, but to intercede when others fail to do so.  See for example Psalm 82:2-4.

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