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Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, and You

My second book is now available. $9.95! A quick, but important read (100 pages). "Church Leadership for Non-Leaders."  Where will leadership come from for the church's role in changing the world?  It will come from the pews!

Church leadership is not about committee meetings, goals, plans, or dynamic speakers.  It is instead about people of integrity seeing what needs to be changed in this world and setting out to change it.  Jesus used prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen, insurrectionists, and reformed religious leaders to carry on His work when He finished His three year demonstration project here and went home.  We are now His representatives here and it is our job to lead His army in solving the problems He identified: hunger, thirst, sickness, imprisonment, and immigration.

"Church Leadership for Non-Leaders."

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This is a good study book with built in discussion questions.  It is aimed at young people who would like to see the church become more active in its community, at older members who believe the church is doing enough (or too much) and should just "stay the course," at retirees who are thinking maybe they should do a little more to help the church, and at the rest of us who... whatever.  It is aimed at you.

Consider these quotes: 

"To lead the church, you have to understand where it should be going and go there, even if you have to go alone."

" Once a person understands that we are all a part of the one, worldwide church and human beings are not in charge of it, he or she will begin to see opportunities for the church to engage in activities consistent with its God given mission, and will be in a position to lead.  Because leadership is just doing what God has commanded us to do and inviting church members (any Christian) to join in."

"The local church will come alive as it begins to contribute to the wellbeing of the people for whom Jesus died."

"You see, that is what church leadership should be about - people of integrity doing what the church needs to do, and inviting the church to join them.  Isn't that what Jesus did?"

"Set out to discover the purposes God has for your church and then begin to lead the church toward those purposes.  It will change the nature of the church as the church  begins to change the nature of the world in which it finds itself."


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